Harrower Tube Bending

HTB Capabilities

CNC Mandrel Bending
• Tube bending from 4.76mm up to 150mm tube
• Pipe bending from 15NB to 60NB
• 3-dimensional bending, ensuring accuracy in our products
• Mandrel bending of tube, pipe, square, oval tube, solid bar (round and flat),
subject to tooling availability

CNC Machining

Our CNC Machining Centre and Lathe, machine highly accurate
components to Military and Aerospace standards.

Tube End Forming
• Tube expanding and reducing
• Flaring
• Beading

CNC Tube Measuring

Our CNC Measuring Machine uses its robotic arm to measure XYZ
coordinates of bent tube. This allows us to measure any tube and bend
it to the most exacting requirements.