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CNC Mandrel Bending
Mandrel benders are machines designed to bend tube to a tight radius with little or no change in the shape of the tube. It is a process designed to prevent rippling or distorting of a material as it is formed.


The word mandrel refers to the part of the tooling set up which is inserted in the tube and remains inside the tube during the bend process. This internal mandrel helps to support the shape of the wall of the metal when bending.


This process gives the product a high-quality appearance, which is great for consumer items such as handrails and street furniture etc, as well as performance automotive or specific defence components, just to name a few.


Our bending capabilities include:
• Tube bending from 4.76mm up to 150mm tube
• Pipe bending from 15NB to 60NB
• 3-dimensional bending, ensuring accuracy in our products
• Mandrel bending of tube, pipe, square, rectangle, oval tube, solid bar (round and flat), subject to tooling availability






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